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10 Keys to reaching ‘unchurched’ People at Christmas

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The ‘unchurched’ people

Christmas is right around the corner for churches, so today we discuss 10 ways your church can better reach those in your community this Christmas.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Christmastime evokes feelings of tradition values that even secularists experience.
  • Nearly seven out of ten churches will have a Christmas Eve service this year.
  • Nearly two-thirds of churches will have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services this year.
  • Christmas Eve is a time to go traditional with the service: candles, carols, etc.
  • Be sure to use your church Facebook page to promote all that’s going on at your church during Christmas.
  • Set your Christmas Eve service times to work for the majority of your congregation and community.
  • Attendees expect candles at the Christmas Eve service.
  • Christmas services should be all-hands-on-deck for church staff.
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The 10 Christmas keys we discussed are:

  1. Christmas Eve is the time when the unchurched are most receptive to attending church.
  2. Traditions are key: traditional hymns and carols, candlelight with Silent Night, etc.
  3. The service should be brief, 30-minutes max.
  4. Begin promotion the first week in December.
  5. Maximize your church Facebook page
  6. Have a very simple registration card: first name, email, guest or member, prayer request. Ask everyone to complete it.
  7. Combine Invite Your One with Christmas Eve services
  8. Prepare for multiple services in most churches, at the very least for greater attendance.
  9. Informal is usually the best approach.
  10. Plan for staff to have time off post-Christmas.
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