Consumption of Ponmo, meat, smoked fish could cause cancer

Breast cancer


Consumption of Ponmo, assorted meat and smoked fish could increase the risk of cancer among consumers.

Chief Medical Personnel, Niola Cancer Care Foundation, Dr. Adedapo Osinowo said in Lagos on Monday that those items are risk factors for colorectal cancer commonly called Colon cancer. It is the third most common cancer.

Osinowo said, “All fatty meals should be eaten in moderation but if you eat these assorted meats every day, I am sad for you. You can eat them but not every day. Abodi is the rectum and shaki is the stomach. Ponmo is a risk factor for cancer too.

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“These parts are risk factors for cancer because of the way they are prepared, they tend to produce harmful substances that can cause cancer. Their preparation is responsible for this. What is important is to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to increase antioxidants in the body.”

Osinowo who spoke during the launch of of Niola Cancer Care Foundation said the consumption of smoked fish could cause cancer because of the toxic substance produced by the smoke.

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“Smoking is associated to all cancers and disease. Lifestyle is also a problem but fortunately, all the risk factors are preventable, that is, you can do something about them,” she said.


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