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How to Kill an Ineffective Program or Ministry

Churches often find themselves with ministries that no longer fit their needs or the needs of those in the community. But pastors often struggle to eliminate them. Today, we discuss how to kill ineffective ministries to allow your church to be more efficient with time and money in ministry.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Most of our churches are too busy, and many have programs or ministries which are no longer effective.
  • Many times we allow ministries to persist because we have a false perception of their effectiveness.
  • Most ineffective ministries will die naturally if leadership doesn’t support them.
  • Do the ministries of your church align with your church’s vision and mission?
  • Churches need to get honest about effectiveness when it comes to budgeting funds for a ministry.
  • When a ministry is eliminated, the leaders of that ministry often feel devalued.
  • Most church ministries are started out of chaos without a strategic plan for effectiveness.
  • The challenge in ministry is to have a clear vision and stick with it.
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The seven steps to killing a ministry or church program which we discuss are:

  1. Count the cost
  2. Let it die naturally
  3. Demonstrate how it is not aligned
  4. Have an honest discussion with a key leader of the ministry
  5. Minimize funding
  6. Find other places for the ministry leaders to serve
  7. Have clearly established criteria on the front end

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