Fastest route to debt, bankruptcy and ruin

Emmanuel Olowodola

Emmanuel Olowodola

It was Bishop David O. Oyedepo who said, “Life is in phases, men are in sizes, live your size per time”. Success has eluded scores of people all over the world because they drew in advance, tomorrow’s yet to be created wealth  and lavishly exhausted it today. Never spend today money you HOPE or INTEND to earn tomorrow. That is the fastest route to debt, bankruptcy and ruin. As a matter of fact, don’t spend today all you earned yesterday. The way to smartly live your size per time is to make your standard of living slightly below your income! Don’t level up to your income of today. Maturity is the ability to delay gratification. Delay the comforts, conveniences, pleasures and enjoyment you so badly desire today, but which are NOT below your income till tomorrow when your income would have outgrown it. This is the route to stable, enduring success in life.

Robert Schuller said, “Sacrifice is the price of success”. How true! No man who cannot discipline himself to make sacrifices today will emerge truly successful tomorrow. Don’t let anybody or anything put you under pressure. Not your parents, or folks in the village who cheerfully report to you how Chinedu drove a sleek cute car home during a visit, nor your upwardly mobile friends who now visit expensive stores in town to shop. Not even a lady you intend to win her love and marry. Be yourself. If you add up all the money you spend to be “one of the in guys”, you’ll be amazed how much they add up to.

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Bishop Oyedepo said, some people’s houses are in their stomach! How did it get there you ask? Through unaffordable frequent visits to cute snack bars, ice cream parlours, high profile food joints where the bill after a meal is higher than a king’s ransom. Addictive visit to beer joints excessive calls at pepper soup joints and investing on the latest fashions. While the house of some of some other friends were rising from the plots in newly developing areas of Lagos, they were busy investing a fortune on a skyscraper INSIDE their stomachs. Get out of that group fast.

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Let me end this write up with a very funny but real and educative experience shared by Bishop David Oyedepo. The year was 1983 and he had just began his ministry. He needed five tables and chairs for his start off staff and himself in the small office they rented. He contracted the job to a Furniture maker who loudly protested that the amount he was willing to pay could not get the job done. He added that at that price, he would not sandpaper, shine and spray the furniture. The Bishop retorted quickly, don’t you worry about it, we will use our buttocks and hands to do the rest. That was the end of the matter. Somebody said may be he does not have taste. He has only learnt the sense of living one’s size per time. His ministry has grown to a multi-million naira global organization. Who says there is no merit in living one’s size per time.

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Pastor Emmanuel Abayomi Olowodola is a life coach based in Lagos.


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